We produce innovative blackout systems

Our entrepreneurial adventure is a family story, where the pages that tell the past feature the spirit of sacrifice and those that describe the last fifteen years, the spirit of initiative.
From Sitarplast and the assembly of roller blinds we have come a long way!

The generational change was more than just a passing of the baton. A new business idea, a new vision and technological innovation led to the birth of Pracal, a creature we longed for and pulled up with the help of those who taught us the trade and gave us the tools to go further.

Today Pracal manufactures insulated aluminum profiles and shutters in more than 32,000 square meters of covered facility, we also make profiles in plastics and steel, extruded and insulated, starting from painting to offering excellent shutters that are characterized by security and design. We want to innovate the blackout system to offer the best operation and style of furnishing in every home.

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PRACAL pays the utmost attention to product quality and service at every level of the industrial chain: from the selection of the best aluminum and steel profiles to the production of roller shutters, which, in addition to being a product with "zero environmental impact," are the best security solution for finishing your home.

With a production area of 25,000 square meters, 12,000 square meters of which are covered PRACAL manages to meet the needs that arise daily with enthusiasm and determination...

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At Pracal, we manufacture insulated aluminum profiles and shutters using the latest technology in the industry, enabling us to offer the customer an extremely positive business relationship.

To the quality of the product and the wide range of variants and accessories offered, we combine the constant design of innovative solutions and, above all, a high degree of service and customization. The six production lines in operation make it possible to customize orders, differentiating them by features and logistical needs, and to be able to respond quickly to requests from all over the world.

Plant technology is matched by product innovation rare in its field with the development of high commercial value projects such as Lupin, Obliqua, and Ariel.

Pracal manufactures insulated aluminum roller shutters

a customer-oriented company

Realizing that automation can never replace human relationship, we have created an agent network in Italy and abroad that is always ready to offer customer service and put a face to the company. Our marketing and public relations department conducts continuous research and customer satisfaction statistics to refine processes.

Similarly, our sales aids: technical catalogs and merchandising are constantly updated to improve the overall perception of the range, to make the choice as easy as possible, and to give concrete support to our dealers to better present the products to the end user.

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