strength class 4

Reliability and protection for your home!

Lupin is the roller shutter certified in Class 4 Anti-burglary.

With its two extruded profiles (slat and microperforated slat), joined by an "S" hook that activates the self-locking system, Lupin protects against intrusion and attempted lifting. The microperforated design of one of the profiles facilitates ventilation and lighting, also keeping insects away.

Lupin has obtained CLASS 4 resistance certification for UNI EN 1630 burglary tests.

Lupin shutter profile
lupin icons
Solid color
Wood Effect
For whom Lupin is made
  • For those looking for a burglar-resistant blackout system.
  • For those seeking certified resistance
  • For those who want to protect their homes without the use of gratings
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