Aluminum roller shutters today

PRACAL pays the utmost attention to product quality and service provided at every level of the industrial chain: from the selection of the best aluminum and steel profiles and shutters to the production of the roller shutters, which, in addition to being a product with "zero environmental impact," are the best security solution for finishing your home.

With a production area of 25,000 square meters, 12,000 square meters of which are covered PRACAL manages to meet the needs that arise daily with enthusiasm and determination.

Profound commitment and unity of purpose have enabled a process of growth and openness to new realities that have firmly and decisively embraced the brand.

The strength of PRACAL's products is confirmed by the professionalism and helpfulness offered to the customer for quick and impeccable service from order to delivery.

PRACAL constitutes a technological and production vanguard that looks to the challenges of the future as an opportunity for growth together with its partners, building its success day by day through a total quality project and constant innovation to meet the demands of the most demanding markets.

Attention to automation

Among the first in the industry in importing motors, and attentive to the automation market for twenty years, PRACAL stands out for its expertise and specialization, realizing its own distinctive brand in the handling scene.

Movitec is the line dedicated to PRACAL, a line designed and created specifically to make roller shutters and blinds perform better.

Attention to quality, always looking to the future and 'technological innovation have meant that the product range has expanded in order to cope with increasing demand from markets, both domestic and foreign.

Comfort, safety, and energy saving are the next test beds concerning total automation of home systems, independent and remotely manageable systems, in one word Home Automation.

Pracal and Movitec , the simplicity of life in a click

Numbers and benefits make all the difference:

  • 50,000 engines sold per year;
  • 0.2% return;
  • Complete kits for assembly and installation;
  • Universal use;
  • Quiet;
  • Break-in resistant;
  • 5-Year Warranty;
  • Certification;
  • Radio controls;
  • Delivery 24/48 hours after confirmation.

They say about us

We have been linked by this friendship for 4 years, since I started my business. Excellent products in the aluminum range. I have worked on construction sites that were impossible for other suppliers, and I could not afford to give up, thanks to Pracal I handle requests without any problems. Pracal is a brand of quality, convenience and courtesy. Great partners!

Domenico Loffredo M. mosquito nets

I am bound to Pracal by a strong human before collaborative bond. Distance could have discouraged me in choosing a supplier. Reassured by the constant presence of salespeople in the area, I agreed to embark on this adventure. Materials of the highest quality and impeccable delivery timing, better than I could not have wished for. In this way I can cope with orders in reasonable time without having to keep customers waiting. When there is a willingness to cooperate even distances magically decrease.

LICCIARDELLO David Ledyplast
licciardello davide - Ledyplast

I work mainly with high-density aluminum shutters. The advantage of using high density is that it gives a greater boost to the energy discourse. In fact, the product falls for its specifications within the scope of so-called 'upgrading' and integrates perfectly with my products, in this case external and internal curtains. The product contributed to the success of the work at the Pescopagano hospital, which as you might guess is a structure where the transmittance factor is very important. Where did I get the product? From Pracal, of course!!!

Egidio Gioscia Plastik Wood Gioscia Curtains

I serve numerous window and door contractors operating in the area, and I must say that the level of satisfaction is high. Pracal is a reliable partner, both in solving problems with courtesy and helpfulness and in offering a wide range of products. We prefer the L-12 profile because of its technical advantages, quick and easy assembly, and design; it is a well-built product. In these three years the promises have not been unfulfilled; it is a fruitful partnership that allows us to look forward to a secure and continued future of cooperation.

Moi Antonio & Cappello Carla MC of Moi & Hat
moi antonio - MC of Moi & Cappello