Pre-painted steel

Profiles and Shutters in pre-painted steel

Blackout systems made of pre-painted steel are the strong and durable choice that will protect the home for a long time.

When we refer to steel profiles and shutters, the first thing that jumps to mind is the perception of a strong and durable blackout system in structure.

Yet any steel product exposed to the elements goes through a state of corrosion that deteriorates the metal mechanically. The consequence is a deficit in the capabilities and proper functioning of thesteel, as well as aesthetic defects.
The most effective way to counteract this defect is to treat the metal with the right paint.

The special formulation of our paint is specifically designed to structurally improve steel profiles. In this way we offer to the shutter systems market, pre-painted steel products that are well adapted to different living contexts.
The chemical formulation of the paint, once applied to the shutter, creates a smooth layer that adheres well to the metal . This is how a blackout system corresponding to a high degree of quality is achieved.
Outdoor weathering is no longer a problem!

In fact, the layer of paint creates, a protective finish on the metal that allows the surface to be waterproofed so as to prevent slow and continuous wear and tear of the shutter. In addition, the paint is a protection against scratches and wear.

Coatings used for the protection of steel shading systems.

Another way to coat steel roller shutter profiles involves the application of PVC film.
Unlike painting, PVC film while creating a thicker protective layer, does not possess the specific characteristics useful for the protection of rolling shutters and blinds.

This is because the protective role of PVC, when exposed to weathering, is lost.
Sincethe film cannot be structurally well bonded to the steel surface, as is the case with paint that is retained by the metal, with exposure to sunlight or low temperatures, it undergoes detachment that manifests as air bubbles and unsightly peeling in the coating.

This condition deteriorates the protective and aesthetic structure of the roller shutter. The blackout system is exposed to a state of constant wear and tear and failure of the roller shutter.

A blackout system with our paint is the choice of those who want, for their homes, a durable steel system that is technologically innovative, thanks to a paint formulation that makes the shutter suitable for different weather conditions.

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